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Harness the Reversal Calculator to Fuel Your Trading Journey

The Reversal Calculator, designed by Rajeev Chhiroulya, is a powerful trading tool. It accurately detects potential trend reversals, offering critical insights for trading decisions. Its user-friendly interface and precision make it an invaluable asset, improving trading strategies and empowering traders to navigate the markets with confidence and success

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About us

About Us

Meet Mr. Rajeev Chhiroulya, the visionary force behind Option Trade Experts. With a profound dual role as a highly skilled trader and an adept trainer, Rajeev has redefined the world of trading. His ingenious contribution to the field is the groundbreaking Reversal Calculator, a game-changing tool that has transformed trading strategies. Rajeev's journey is a testament to his passion for financial markets. As the founder of Option Trade Experts, he is on a mission to empower others with knowledge and skills, making him a trailblazer in the industry, reshaping the landscape of trading education, and inspiring countless aspiring traders

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Our Course plan

Option Chain Analysis and Reversal Calculator - Option Master Course

Price ₹5999

Unlock the full potential of options trading with our comprehensive "Option Chain Analysis and Reversal Calculator...

  • check Understanding Option Chains
  • check Reversal Calculator Mastery
  • check Risk Management
  • check Live Trading Demonstrations
  • checkOption Market Dynamics
  • checkCase Studies
  • checkInteractive Learning
  • checkSupport and Community

Advanced Option Strategies

Price ₹5999

Our "Advanced Option Strategies" course is your gateway to mastering complex, high-yield options trading techniques...

  • check Iron Condors, Straddles, and Strangles
  • check Volatility Management
  • check Advanced Risk Management
  • check Event-Driven Trading
  • checkHedging and Adjustments
  • checkLive Trading Sessions
  • checkInteractive Learning
  • checkContinuous Support

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What our Clients say

We love connecting with our clients to hear about their experiences and how we can improve.

A solid experience of online webinar session to get things in short and simple format. Now actually my portfolio looks like it need to be. I can’t express how this Reversal calculator works for my nifty trading.

I am very pleased with your techniques and the way you present the whole option chain in very simple format and which is easily understandable. Regarding your Reversal Calculator, It is really awesome to use as it indicates points very precisely.

Hello Sir, Puneet Kumar from Haryana attended your webinar last month. It was really amazing that I am getting good results from your techniques and obviously your tool Reversal Calculator.

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Option Trade Experts is a leading company and academy specializing in option trading education. We offer a range of comprehensive courses, mentorship, and tools to help you succeed in the world of options.

Our courses cater to traders of all levels, from beginners to experienced professionals. Whether you're just starting or looking to refine your skills, our programs are designed to meet your needs.

Our training is unique because it's led by industry experts, including our founder, Rajeev Chhiroulya. We emphasize real-world experience, personalized guidance, and the use of innovative tools like the Reversal Calculator.

To enroll, simply visit our website and select the course that suits your needs. Pricing varies based on the course level and duration. We offer competitive rates to make quality education accessible.

The Reversal Calculator, invented by Rajeev Chhiroulya, is a proprietary tool that helps traders identify potential trend reversals in the market. It operates on a user-friendly interface and is available to enrolled students for enhanced trading strategies

Yes, your privacy and security are of utmost importance to us. We have stringent security measures in place to protect your data. We do not share your information with third parties.

Absolutely. We offer continuous support through various channels, including email, discussion forums, and live webinars. You can reach out to us at any time with questions or concerns.

Yes, enrolled students can access course materials for a specified duration. This access ensures that you can revisit the content and continue to improve your skills.

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